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Training & Stabling Packages:

We recognize and understand that the needs of each client and his/her horse are different.  

Due to this philosophy, we prefer to meet with our clients prior to your horse arriving at our facility to formulate a plan that is designed to suit the individual needs of you and your horse.

Pricing available upon request; Special arrangements can be made for a separate sales package after the horse is evaluated by  Charlotte Gerstenfeld of Trans-Atlantic Show Horses.

Basic Barn Care includes:

  • Stalls Mucked and Bedding Checked (3 Times Daily)
  • Hay Feeding (3-4 Times Daily; or as Needed)
  • Watering, Blanketing & Turnout (Weather Permitting)
  • Horses Fly Sprayed
  • Hooves Picked Post-Turnout
  • Legs Washed (as Needed)
  • Horses may be hand walked on days turnout is unavailable (additional charge per day)
  • 4 Point-Check Completed Daily
  • Farrier/Dental/Veterinary/Chiropractic/Acupuncture Appointment Scheduling and Facilitation


Custom Training Options:

  • A Custom-Made Training Program for Horse and Rider (or Just Horse) that consists of 6 days of Training Services per Week:
    • 2 – 45 Minute Private Lessons 
    • 4 – Training Sessions  consisting of Training Rides or Lunge Sessions in Pessoa Rig
  • Comprehensive Grooming (6 times per week)
  • Horse is Tacked/Un-tacked for Lessons and Training Rides
  • Show Preparation (Trimming of Ears, Legs & Whiskers; Mane Management)
  • Equipment Provided:
    • 3 Green Saddle Pads
    • 1 Set of Escadron Boots (Front and Back Pairs)
    • 1 Pair of Bell Boots (Turnout)
    • 1 Set of Bandages (Shipping/Stall)
    • 1 Green Lead Rope
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Call Today to customize your training and Stabling Package!